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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I've had quite an eventful couple of weeks!

I went in for a check-up at TOSH last Monday.  Doctor visits are always hard for me because it is a reminder of just how bad my injury was, and how life-changing it has been for me.

I got a set of x-rays taken, and everything appears to be lined up properly and healing well.  My bones are still not quite as strong as they were before, and it will just take time to build back the bone density.  Otherwise, the x-rays looked great and there were no major issues that could be seen.  The doctor did say that he could see evidence of very mild arthritis through my midfoot already, but it was nothing to be concerned about at this point.

I am still having quite a bit of pain and stiffness in my big toe.  There wasn't anything on the x-ray that could point to the cause.  The doctor examined my foot, and he thinks that it is just stress on the foot after not using it for so long.  He said to continue with my plantar fascia stretches, and to also work calf stretches in, by hanging my right heel off a step and dropping it down.  I also still cannot really come up on my toes at all on my right foot, and the doctor said that that is usually one of the last things to come back.

I was also given clearance to start weaning out of my Superfeet.  I have been wearing those inserts for arch support ever since I started weight-bearing, so I've become quite accustomed to them.  But, my arch has built up enough strength now to be able to support my foot on it's own, so I can begin to phase them out.  I wore a pair of boots to the grocery store over the weekend without them, and I didn't really notice too much of a difference - other than there was a lot more room in my shoe!  Walking barefoot has certainly gotten a lot easier; it's not my favorite thing to do, but at least I can stand walking around on it a bit after I get out of the shower without running for my shoes first thing.

I got the standard set of instructions for the next 4 months until my next appointment:  low or no impact exercises, a stiff supportive shoe, and monitor for pain.  The next time I see the doctor will be the 1 year post-op mark.  

I also took another trip last weekend, to Phoenix.  The hubby was doing the Spartan Race, and I signed up to be a Spectator, so I could watch him compete.  It was HOT down there - 90 degrees - compared to about 50 here in Salt Lake.  I had a lot of mixed emotions about him doing the race, though.  We had an agreement that I would NOT cry the entire trip or there would be consequences.  It was incredibly hard though, because every fiber of my being wanted to be out there with him running the race.  He was also running it by himself, and that made me so nervous for him, and I felt bad I could not be his support.  But, as a Spectator, I still was able to see him quite a bit on the course.  They block off an area for "spectators" in the main festival area, and you are able to see about 6 of the obstacles.  But, there were 22 of them in the race!  

I don't do well with "rules" so after he took off from the start line, I started my own race around the course to find him and cheer him on! I had a course map and an iPod.  I was really surprised at how my foot held up during my escapades.  I was climbing hills and walking around with no real pain, or problems!  Descending was another story - although it was mostly psychological.  I didn't have the confidence or trust in my foot when I was coming down a steep hill, so it was very slow, and steady.  But, I made it, with no falls!  I trekked my way to 6 obstacles (Over-Wall, Rope Climb, Herculean Hoist, Rolling Mud, Barbed Wire Crawl, Bucket Brigade), plus the 8 in the designated area.  So, I got to see him do over half of the race!!  I took pictures and provided vital nutrients such as Gatorade and water.

I also watched him tackle the obstacle that caused my injury!  It was nerve-wracking and really hard to watch, (and exponentially harder not to cry while watching), but he conquered it like a boss.  He later admitted that he was shaking the whole time, and that he had "words" with the obstacle.

He finished the race (mostly) injury free!

And I didn't cry!

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