Injury Timeline

Thursday, June 23, 2016

You're Invited! To my pity party....

The self-pity party returned in full force this week.  I have been feeling quite emotional about my injury, and it's been quite some time since I've felt this way.  And I am not liking it.  I hate having feels and just wish they would go away!

I don't know why I'm feeling so terrible.  I think it's just a combination of my year anniversary right around the corner, and being confronted with not being able to race this week in a huge way. Little things have been setting me off, even things not related to my foot like work stuff.  I just can't even, apparently.  Also, if people could STOP being an expert about my limp, that'd be great!  I don't want to hear about it, I don't want to think about it, and I don't want to hear that because you recovered from a limp from your knee injury means that I will from my completely identical foot injury!  K.  Now that that's out of the way....

I did have an eventful week/weekend.

To start things off, my A/C pooped out.  Right in the middle of our heat wave, and 2 nights before leaving on vacation to Park City for Ragnar.   So that was a stellar beginning to things.  It ended up getting fixed 2 hours before I was to check in to our hotel (it's about an hour drive) so I guess the stars aligned and everything turned out peachy.

I also got to help Nate get ready for the Ragnar race.  I obviously didn't run it, but I helped him coordinate team meetings, van logistics, set agendas, and helped him draft and proof-read all team communications.  I'm a project manager and I was doing some practical application of my skills in the "real world."  At least I was able to help in some way.  I got to meet all of the members in his van, and they were all inspiring and amazing people!

Ragnar is a relay race, where you are on a team of 12 people and together you run 200-ish miles, with each runner having 3 legs.  It's an overnight race, so it takes a normal team 2 days and 1 night to complete.  It ran from Logan, UT, all the way to Heber (Soldier Hollow).   They call this one the Wastach Back, since you are running along the back side of the Wastach Mountain Range.  It's incredible.   I stayed in a hotel in Park City with my mom and spent the time shopping and drinking wine.  Also crying a lot.  

His legs were at odd times this year.  He was runner #1 so his start time ended up being at 5AM.  The other legs happened late and night and then again very early morning so I didn't have an opportunity to meet him out on the course.  I did however meet him at the finish line!  

The race ended at Soldier Hollow, which is exactly the place where I injured myself almost a year ago.  The Ragnar festival area was literally right on top of the exact spot that I fell off the wall at Spartan.  It felt so odd and sobering to finally revisit the scene of the crime.  This was where it all changed.

So yeah, this week has been really challenging for the feels.  Next week is one year!


  1. My Lisfranc injury anniversary was last week - what did I do? Well I didn't celebrate that's for sure but it really played on my mind. It sort of made me reflect on where I was at - quite active but not quite there. You have more to face because as a younger person you are wanting to do things that I do not have aspirations to do ie running. I was happy when I ran 10 steps to get out of some hail stones! Wish you happiness very soon.

  2. You know I think you are totally allowed to feel this way. Things will get better soon. Positive thoughts for you. (2 days til pins are out...)

  3. You know I think you are totally allowed to feel this way. Things will get better soon. Positive thoughts for you. (2 days til pins are out...)