Injury Timeline

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Case of the Sads

This week has actually been kind of rough!  On Monday, I got my cast off, and I was so excited!


Now, I'm in my boot.  The doctor says I should wear my boot 23 out of 24 hours, so I get 1 hour total during the day to shower, do my stretching exercises and give my foot a break.  One thing I did not expect was how upsetting it would be to look at my leg/foot.  I've lost so much muscle, it looks like a little chicken leg.  I've tried taking pictures of it but it just doesn't do it justice.  It brings me to tears to look at it!  The fugliness doesn't bother me - my foot can be ugly forever; I don't care about that.  I try to do my stretching exercises and it takes a lot of effort to get my foot flexed into the neutral position.  Its such a simple move that is so hard to do.  Not to mention it hurts trying to get it there!  It just makes me think how painful physical therapy is going to be, and learning to walk again.  My navicular got totally f*cked in the accident, so I'm supposed to be mainly focusing on pointing and flexing my foot, and not so much side to side motion because it'll put too much stress on my navicular bone.  It is in a delicate condition.  The doctor also told me that before surgery, they were concerned about my navicular bone dying.  Blood flow can apparently get cut off to that bone when it is injured, and it can die if the injury is severe enough.  But, mine has pulled through..... phew.

(took a short video of my range of motion, or lack thereof)

Speaking of, I did make an appointment with the Lisfranc specialist next week, so I'll see what she has to say about recovery and how far I should be pushing it.

I did not get cleared to swim, either, and that's what I really was hoping for this time!  The doctor is concerned about any weight at all on the foot, even in the water.  And I can't immerse my foot in water with the incisions still scabbed over, so no hot tubs or baths for me still!  I'm so sad because about a week before my injury I bought about 10 different bath bombs from Lush that I have not been able to use.  Bathing is one of my most favorite things to do.   Bathing with a cocktail or a glass of my home-brewed beer is even better!

My husband is also in New York, and I miss him!  Normally he'd be here to cheer me up or talk some sense into me so that I snap out of the funk.  But we have both been so busy with work, our schedules are not lining up so we haven't had a chance to talk much, and no Skyping.    He is sad that I shaved my leg though, because he wanted to "pet it"...which made me laugh.  He gets back on Friday morning though so I don't have too long to wait!

(picture from his hotel, looking at the WTC)

Mom has been taking great care of me while he has been gone.  She has helped me cook, clean, take care of the animals, and tend to the garden. She has also been my source of entertainment. It has been really nice having her around!  

I'm also doing the Color Run this weekend, as long as I can secure my wheelchair situation.  I have some friends and family doing the race and I am not about to miss out just because I've got a broken foot!

(boot shot!)


  1. Wow! You are really experiencing the emotional blahs. The struggle is real. So glad your mom can be there with you. I too was told no beach, pond, pool, hot tub... Shower only. So when are you going to show off your new footwear? Does your boot come to your knee or did you get a short boot? I also keep looking at my leg and how it has atrophied. Hubby keeps encouraging me that the muscle will respond and come back. Way to go on doing the color run. I have been getting emails about all the upcoming races and it makes me sad that I won't be part of them. I have considered asking if I can volunteer just so I can be part of the action. Glad your hubby is going to be home soon. That will help I'm sure. It is amazing how important they are. Being strong willed and independent, I am so thankful to have him. I'm not looking forward to mine leaving Sunday. I'll probably be having my share of the blahs next week. Not sure when I'll get PT orders, but anxious to heal. I can't wait to hear how your PT goes.

    1. Ok.. boot is up now.. can't believe I forgot that! Also you will have to let us know when you get to start PT!!

    2. Oh and grrr about the race emails. I get so frustrated getting them too! It just reminds me what I am missing out on. Good idea about volunteering!

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  2. Oops! I totally forgot to upload a boot pic! I'll edit this post and throw it on there. It's a pretty bulky boot, way bigger than the cast. But it is so soft and comfy inside. I also ordered a leopard print sock to fit to fit it and some red flowers to snap on. I will have to debut them next week when it arrives. It's the little things that are making me happy.

    I feel so bad for the hubby. We finally got to talk and I spent the whole time crying. He is 2 hours ahead so he was up until midnight listening to me go on and on. I hope you fare better next week with your hubby gone! I'll for sure be here to listen if you want to vent lol :)