Injury Timeline

Friday, August 14, 2015


No, not forever!  Just next week.  Nate needs to travel to New York for work next week (his 3rd time this year!) so he will be gone.  This will be the first time since my injury that I am without my husband, for an entire week!  I hate it when he is gone, even when I am 100% healthy.  I'm glad that he is traveling now, and not 4 weeks ago.  I am much more stable now than I was then.

I will miss him; it sucks having to live without your best friend in the entire world.  I know I will still be able to Skype with him, but there's nothing like his presence.  He cheers me up when I am down, he makes me laugh, and I still get warm fuzzies and tinglys when I look at him.  Last time he traveled, we Skyped while watching Game of Thrones together.  Because we are nerds like that.

 I'm a bit bummed since last time he traveled to New York, I got to spend the weekend with him there.  I ended up only needing to pay for my flight out there, since work was covering his travel expenses.  We saw Book of Mormon, went running in Central Park, went up to the Empire State Building, had pizza in Little Italy.. all of your typical New York stuff.  That is not even an option now even if I wanted to go.  No way I could navigate the airport, or the subway or getting in and out of a taxi, carrying my luggage, and all the fun times that come with going on a trip.  It was our anniversary yesterday (12 years!), and we are celebrating this weekend before he leaves.  It would have been fun to spend the weekend in New York, but New York will always be there.  Well, unless there's a zombie apocalypse.  New York is probably pretty screwed then.  8 million people, isolated on an island.. not the best scenario for survival.

I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and my mom will be taking me.  She is also going to spend a couple of days with me at my house to keep me company and help keep me sane, since I'll be housebound all week.   I'm just super bummed Nate won't be there with me at my appointment. Hopefully, I'll get this gross cast off and graduate into a moon boot.  I did finally get some signatures from friends on my cast!

I'm anxious to see my x-rays and see how my foot is healing.  I can pretty freely wiggle my toes and move my foot a little inside my cast - not nearly as flexible as my left of course but it is progress!  I'm also starting to get the "my foot is asleep" sensation again, which I haven't had since my fracture happened!  My toes look like little old lady toes; they are super wrinkly.  I assume that is from all swelling that happened and from dry skin.   I still have my stitches so I'll be getting those out.    I'm also looking forward to some physical therapy and talking about exercising (maybe being cleared to swim?!) I'm hopeful.

I've been keeping up my exercise routine and I feel myself getting stronger.  I am hitting the weights about 4 times a week, and going up in weights even!  People keep telling me I am crazy.  My upper body is much stronger than it ever was pre-injury.  I can press almost 20lbs more than I was comfortable doing before, and I keep progressing.  I've never focused so much on my upper body before, it is a total change for me.  I think my body likes it!  However... I'm pretty scared to see how much squat/deadlift and lower body power I've lost.  Nate says my right leg looks and feels like a jello mold.  Sexy.

i've totally been hogging all the weights from errrbody

I've also been going in to work every other day.  That seems to be the right balance for now.  I still have a hard time getting comfortable at my desk, so a day on and a day off is giving my body the rest that it needs.  I'm also not used to wearing a left shoe, since I was home for 6 weeks straight, I never put on shoes!  So, having a shoe on my left foot bugs me.  I always take it off after a few hours of being in the office and I hide it under my desk.  I also have been wearing my vast collection of Victoria's Secret yoga pants to work (the most comfortable pants ever) and just hoping no one notices.  The position I have to get myself in to elevate my foot is not a very forgiving one in business casual pants.  You guessed it, Zero F*cks Given!

I'm both excited and not excited for Monday.  I get to see the doctor but have to send the hubs away until the weekend.  I'm just hoping for good news from Dr. Van Boerum!


  1. Aww so sorry about New York. My Hubby leaves a week from today for San Diego. Last year when he went, I got to go with him. Needless to say I won't be going with him this year. He keeps telling me that when I'm better he will take me wherever I want to go. The promise helps, but I still feel sad about what I perceive as a loss. I also tell myself to be least I'm not handicapped for life. We will hold to the promise of a fun trip to celebrate standing on our own two feet.

    1. Oh I love San Diego! I was actually planning to go there next month to complete another one of my races, but not now.

      Your hubby sounds so sweet... don't know what I would have done without mine!

      I do struggle with the travel piece. Just the fact that I can't :(

      Oh the places we are going to go once we're healed!!