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Friday, July 17, 2015

Surviving Week 1

I'm now past the week 1 mark post-op (~3 weeks since my initial injury).

The first 3 days after my surgery are a blur of sleep, pain, and a medication-induced haze.

I woke up on the 4th day and felt a lot of improvement in my pain and I started to taper off my pain medication a bit to slowly wean myself off of them.

I had some welcome visitors during the week as well, and it sure did lift my spirits and brighten my days!

My mother came over with flowers and spent some time with me, making sure to cook me plenty of jambalaya and seafood gumbo (and a pork roast for Nate) to keep me well nourished during my recovery.

I had a visit from my sweet sister-in-law Jessica, her husband Todd, and my sweet niece Clara.  Clara seemed very concerned about the condition of my foot.  I told her that I had a very bad owie :(

And what's the best way to survive foot surgery?  Ice cream of course!!  My cousin Mark had fresh ice cream shipped from Coolhaus and we had an ice cream tasting party!  He sent 5 different flavored pints:

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
Salted Caramel
Whiskey Charms (whiskey flavored ice cream and lucky charm pieces)
Bacon (candied bacon ice cream)
Balsamic Fig & Marscapone

I also had plenty of animal cuddles for sick "mom".  I know they know something is wrong with me, so I have an animal on my lap during every minute of the day (they rotate).  Purrs have healing powers... and so do sloppy dog kisses.  But, they are also taking advantage of me, and getting on the counters and into things they shouldn't.  They see me as their injured antelope at the back of the pack.  They know I'm not going to get up and chase them off the counter so any yelling I do is an empty threat to them.  Ugh.

Even though I had some happy moments, there were also some not so happy moments.  On Day 5, I wanted to get outside and get some fresh air.  Nate cooked brats and we had some Zapp chips, and decided to eat outside on the patio.  After dinner, I was practicing on my crutches, trying to get up the patio steps.  I lost my balance and fell over on the cement, luckily not injuring anything but my pride though. I had a really rough night after that, thinking that a normal life was just not going to be possible in my condition.  And my poor husband.  His life is totally changed by this too.  All I can do is keep practicing, and keep on healing!!

I have my 2 week appointment with TOSH on Monday.  I'm looking forward to getting my splint off, maybe seeing some x-rays, and getting the first glimpse of my naked foot.

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